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Scottish Mural

The brief was to give an opening landscape view to this Kensington basement kitchen .

We toyed between a Venetian scene and a Highland view which prevailed. I took inspiration from Norman Wilkinson’s railway posters, the economy of flat colours used in the printing of the posters made for a good simplification, which cut out the fussiness of a mural when seen close up. Thank you Mr Wilkinson.

The view itself is part Welsh part Scottish and the boats and salmon fishermen were added for scale and action . The kitchen was redone when I had finished and a wrap-around piece was added with a crofters cottage .

In the skylight atrium I painted six panels of stylised fruit trees in grey greens and the fruit in dark yellow ochres with fine guided lines to make them twinkle decoratively. The Natural History Museum entrance hall ceiling was the inspiration for these .

Client: Kensington | London