One of the boutique’s exterior panels with mythological medallions in gold leaf
Concept: to create a “petit salon” atmosphere
The swans in the panels were later adapted for use in the boutique’s logo
Swirling ornamentation of silver and gold surrounds cameo style panels

Fashion Boutique

The concept for this boutique in Italy, is to create a “petit salon” atmosphere for their customers. Even though the shop does not sell haute couture clothes, clients are invited to feel individual and pampered.

Bathing ladies

The decoration is feminine and twinkely. Small panels with bathing ladies and swans, were painted above the cornice, swirling ornamentation of silver and gold spaced these cameo- like panels in the main area of the shop. The swans in the panels were adapted for the shop’s logo (and for labels, price tags etc.)


On entering an arcade with a grotesque painted ceiling, which leads you through into the salon, customers are invited to sit in comfortable chairs and on a round sofa under a painted dome.

Much of the decoration is inspired by Palladio and Robert Adam. Painter colleague George Dawnay did an outstanding job on some of the figures and interior designer Tina Gabriel was responsible for all the furnishings.

Eye catching

Outside the shop we painted a series of five panels with medallions depicting the four elements and of Hercules wrestling the Nemean Lion. These panels were in gold leaf and glitter in the sun against the black background, giving an eye catching view to the exterior.

Client: Fashion Boutique / Brescia, Italy