Sketches for decorating the ceiling of a cupola
Experimenting with the possible shapes of a coffered dome
Octagonal coffers on top of a frieze with zodiac signs
Details of the octagonal starry coffer design
Adding a wreath. And a border with spiral and floral ornaments
Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac
A meridian line to help place the stellar constellation of the month

Astrological dome

I do a lot of ink sketches for my clients to show them the possible themes I might  propose in a mural project or my interpretation of what they might suggest. I will not keep to them exactly but will stay true to the idea. Most of the ink drawings are in monochrome as colour is not so important at the beginning but content and atmosphere are.

Palladian villa

An American Lady had asked the architect Quinlan Terry to design a villa along the lines of Villa Capra “La Rotonda” by Palladio and they asked me to prepare some sketches of the for the interior domed ceiling. It was to be an astrological ceiling with a meridian line that would help you place the stellar constellation of that month.

One of my ideas was to have a giant clock running round the cornice of the dome as all the star signs are actually fairly low on the actual American latitude.