Trompe l'oeil painting is not restricted to the interior. Here it is used to enhance the architectural qualities of an entrance
The Tenuta di Biserno is set among the hills of Bibbona, along the Tuscan coast
A highly-acclaimed wine growing region celebrated for its unique “terroir”. In the distance a glimpse of the Tyrrhenian Sea
This wall, with a grotto feature and sarcophagus garden bath, was further embellished by our decorative painting and by a set of vases, custom made by ceramic artist Daniel Cavey
The frames of rectangular niches in the wall are accentuated by subtle painted ornamentation
Follow the signs to experience agriturismo at its finest
Guest room with painted views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside

Tenuta di Biserno

The Tenuta di Biserno is located in Western Tuscany, along the coast of the Upper Maremma, an area noted for its Granducal history.

The estate, bordering the village of Bolgheri, is set among the hills of Bibbona, in a highly-acclaimed wine growing region celebrated for its unique “terroir”.

Castles and watch towers, surrounded by lush forests, frame olive groves and vineyards that reach down to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Island of Elba, just off the coast and facing the estate, offers protection from strong sea winds.


The painting of trompe l’oeil architectural mouldings and frames were done over a rather cold spring. The building was originally an enormous granary and was renovated for Marquese Ludovico Antinori into a villa and restaurant for entertaining. The vineyards surround the house with a view to the sea from the west terrace. It is very beautiful.

Earth colours

Tobias Bücher who designed the garden had asked me to embellish the house and the buildings in the aromatic gardens with colour and decoration. We chose the colours to harmonise with the mineral rich earth and the architectural details were borrowed from the church in Bibbona (Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà).

Andrea Taverna helped greatly with advice and project coordination. The result was a warm and harmonious feel with a touch of baroque.