About Us

Alexander Hamilton was born in London in 1967. He was educated at the French Lycée and attended art colleges in London, Paris & Florence.

For more than a dozen years he has worked on private houses in Italy, where he used to live halfway between Florence and Siena. Since 2014  Alexander is back in his hometown London, offering his decorating painting services in the UK.

Portrait Alexander Hamilton

Most of the work he does is in lime based paint. Painted architectural features and decorative ornaments are used to set off views and landscapes in grisaille and colour.

He learnt techniques used in these new wall paintings by working on the reconstruction and restoration of old painted rooms in castles and villas in various regions of Italy. His wide-ranging knowledge of art history enables him to arrive at a theme that looks as if it had always been there.

All about Caterina

Caterina Enni has been working with Alexander Hamilton for more than fifteen years. Over time she has become an invaluable colleague and is essential to the beginning of a decorative painting site.

Caterina Enni

Caterina has an excellent sense of colour and taste, always encouraging an outgoing unreserved touch to colours and themes. Her somewhat outré taste lends an eccentric touch to many of our projects.

Maria Caterina Enni was born in Florence in 1971. In 1987 she attended a boarding school in Oxford to finish her high school studies. In 1989 she spent a year in Brussels studying oil painting.

Caterina’s somewhat outré taste lends an eccentric touch to many of our projects

In 1990, back in Florence, she attended two years at the “Università degli Studi di Firenze” following courses on English and French literature while working as an assistant to an Italian decorative painter, Nencia Corsini. She then furthered her studies at the American University (S.A.C.I.) in Florence, specializing in painting, drawing, etching, sculpture and graphic design.

Since 2000 she’s been working full time as a decorative painter, collaborating on projects with English painter Alexander Hamilton and Italian artist Maurizio Pettini.

Portrait photographs by Sandro Michahelles.