The shade of green looks also well at night, when illuminated by candles
Decorative panels soften the walls and create a more intimate atmosphere

Grand Dining

This rather grand dining room is in the same house as the tented room. The idea here was to soften the walls and to create a more intimate surrounding.

Large panels with a “striée” effect surrounded by painted architectural frames were spaced around the room. Below these panels Alexander Hamilton ran a chair rail with a fret work pattern below.

Above the doors are two real plaster stag heads from Romanelli studios and these heads were set off by painted plaster frames. In between the panels “trompe l’oeuil plaster festoons, were painted to give a good rhythm to the panelling scheme.

The shade of green chosen seems to go very well with the gilded mirrors and “console” tables and looks very pretty at night, when illuminated by candle light.

Client: Ferragamo family