Trompe l‘oeil ornamentation was painted, as the house is listed and can not have a real plasterwork ceiling reinstated
Bay leaves are not just for cooking. Sketch of a medaillon for the dado, the part of the wall below the chair rail
The laurel wreath often features in the stone and decorative plaster works of architect and decorative genius Robert Adam. Here we tried to recreate such elegant 18th century ornaments with trompe l‘oeil painting. Below a close-up

Mayfair Touch

For this project we were asked to paint an Adam style plasterwork motif on two ceilings and medallions and panelling below the chair rail.

Oval and square

We did this as a team in about a month, Caterina Enni concentrated on the lower sections and Pietro Manzo and myself on the ceilings. A rectangular room was to have an oval design fitted around two chandeliers and a square room would have the same design but round.

Listed house

The ceilings could only be painted as the house is listed and can not have a real plasterwork ceiling reinstated.

Town house ceilings

I took the designs from several town house ceilings that Robert Adam (1728-1792) had made and put them together for the approval of the client and Hotspur Design.

Lime and casein

We drew up the ceilings with bow string and steel pins using an old Italian geometry book as back up . All the painting was done in lime and casein once all the colours for the room had been established and labelled into pots. Stencils were used for all the repeats and either scribed or painted.

Client: Mayfair, London | UK