During the day only geometric ornamentation is visible
At night the walls come alive

Mystery Panels

These panels are a continuation of the Mystery Lampshades that I made on commission in the studio in Florence.

I had developed my original idea with Fiona Corsini who’s experience in water colour painting were key to its advancement. We of course always wanted do something similar on a large scale, the gold on white was something I saw in the V&A and set the ball rolling, for the new dining room we designed a room to house nine panels of two by one metre retro lit pictures.

The front of the panels are gilded in moon gold using a window design by F.L. Wright, this was executed by Caterina Enni, Pietro Manzo, Fiona and myself. I drew up the scenes and painted the leaves in ink and Fiona painted the watercolours, the stretched frames were mounted into the light boxes.

The Gilded window is what one sees during the day but when the lights are switched on a soft and magical scene is revealed.

Arch. Themistocle Antoniadis planned the room perfectly so that the carpenters could place the stretched linen panels surrounding the paintings with great precision. Apart from the charm of the illuminated garden scene, the linen on the walls is acoustically perfect for loud dinner parties.

Other rooms

In the same house, that belongs to my painter colleague Fiona Corsini and her husband Diego di San Giuliano, we also decorated the the drawing room and a large bedroom, which have separate pages on this site.

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This bedroom and other parts of the house feature in a story published by The New York Times Style Magazine.